Seller Testimonials

Northboro, Ma.

I fondly refer to Chris as the Olivia Pope of real estate! He’s a fixer! You have a problem? He can fix it.
I came to Chris two years ago looking to lease purchase a home of his. For various reasons, I I also owned a city townhome that I could not sell for 2 years. I went to him having no idea he could assist me with, not only me purchasing a home, but also him and his company buying my town home, and timing both so that the closings happen smoothly.
I closed on my city property 2 days ago, with a good profit!! Now we are able to move forward in purchasing the house we have made our home, for the last 2 years!

I encourage you to, at the very least…have a conversation with Chris. He and his family brainstorm until they achieve a solution that works for everyone, and leaves everyone feeling good about their choices.
That’s no small feat…


Coventry, CT

I was skeptical of any lease to buy program, but met with the owner Chris Prefontaine, researched Pre Property Solutions and finally signed a Purchase and Sales agreement to sell after our first meeting to sell my home via Owner Financing in June 2017. I had 3 different realtors over 3 years who could not sell my house. Chris’s team was very helpful with the entire process. I’ve recommended Chris to a friend and they are signing on as well. Chris’s family team and attorney handled everything and I couldn’t be more pleased.

B** F****

Putnam, CT

I would recommend this Pre Property Solutions to anyone looking to sell their home!

Brandford, CT

I was trying to sell my house on my own with no luck for 2 years now. Chris Prefontaine met with me and explained my options on the house. He laid everything out on paper for me with no hidden fee’s or questions. After reviewing everything I signed up and in 2 months Pre Property Solution’s Team has a contract with a lease ready for me to sign. Signed via email and all is going smoothly. Very easy. They did it all. Very happy, got what I wanted for the hours. Recommend service.



Webster, MA

To all future clients of Chris, Susan and Nick, I highly recommend this firm. They work fast. I had trouble through a realtor with only 2 showings in 6 months and Chris had lease to own tenants in 2 days and he committed to buying my home. I cannot thank them more. Other companies do not call you back. Pre Property Solutions calls you back the same day. Awesome people.
If anyone wants to contact me have them call.

Thanks you guys

Jim B**z**

Pawtucket RI

I was introduced to Chris & Pre Property Solutions through a letter in the mail. I was thinking about selling the property so the timing amazingly was perfect! I spoke to Chris that day and met with him at the property that week, I then had his proposal within a few days. The offer was the price I wanted.

Within 2 months we closed, he paid the closing costs & I have been receiving the Payments no later then the first of the month as promised. Since the close I have seen Improvements to the property on a steady basis.

All went quickly and the Company communicates in a timely manner to the smallest of concerns. I would not think twice about working with Chris again or recommending him & the staff to others interested in doing business with them.


Dighton, MA

After our house was on the market with a realtor with no results, we were contacted by Chris, owner of Pre Property Solutions. We sat down and signed lease/purchase agreement right away with Pre Property Solutions and in a weeks time, he had more families viewing the house than a realtor did in 8 months. Within that week, we have a nice family in the house with the lease to own option. A solution that works for both seller and buyer.

We found Chris to be very professional, honest and kept in constant contact with us every step of the process. He was always there to answer any questions, any time of day we called.

If anyone is having a problem in selling their home and is looking for a too good to be true solution, you need to contact Chris at Pre Property Solutions and they will structure a lease/purchase with you.


Peg and Bob Mu

247 Grosvenor

As the Trustee of my Father’s estate, I was entirely responsible for the sale and handling several pieces of property. I hired a Large National Realtor hoping to sell the house and adjoining land quickly. Instead all I got was bills for clearing the house, losing all important documents to the cleaners and six months of bills to maintain utilities , taxes and Insurance as well as paying for services and landscaping. Every Month they lowered the asking price by 10% and only showed the house once After realizing that winter was on my doorstep again, and any sale would leave me with a considerable loss. I fired the National Brokerage Firm, and attempted to sell the property myself, no luck there either. Then I was approached by Pre Property Solutions . A lease purchase contract was discussed by the most courteous and experienced owner of Pre Property Solutions. I signed on to his service, within 90 days, he and his staff had the adjoining properties contracted and leased to a family that was capable of paying the lease purchase amount. As soon as they can obtain a bank mortgag . I will realize my original sale price, be free of the costs, of maintaining the property as well as my own, and be able to devote the gains back into my own home and business, and possibly retire in 2-3 years. The Staff of Pre Property Solutions has gone beyond expectations and has proven to be more than helpful in solving any small problems that came up. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to Family, Friends and Customers without any reservations!


29 B Prospect St

I would recommend this PreProperty solutions to anyone looking to sell their home!

29 B Prospect St.

***** ***********, the owner, was friendly, courteous, and professional in every aspect of our real estate transaction. Anytime I sent an email, text, or made a phone call *****’ response was always timely and attentive regardless of whether the issue was important or a minor detail. I always had the feeling that he tried to do the best job possible, every day. A pleasure to work with.

Worked with ***** and his team just recently and was very very impressed at the level of professionalism they showed through the whole process..He is the master of the lease purchase sale and is true to his word. As a real estate investor myself I’m very happy i decided to work with ***** on the sale of my property.

***** ************ the owner, was friendly, courteous, and professional in every aspect of our real estate transaction. Anytime I sent an email, text, or made a phone call ****** response was always timely and attentive regardless of whether the issue was important or a minor detail. I always had the feeling that he tried to do the best job possible, every day. A pleasure to work with. I sold at full price and I’m taking monthly payments with a balloon in 48 months. *** * *** ****
We found Pre Property Solutions a business to be exactly what they claim to be. A too good to be true, actually is true. ***** *********** was very professional, true to his word and a pleasure to work with. It is a win, win situation.

15 years after having moved back to my family home to look after my ailing parents, my husband and I decided it was time to sell the house and buy one of our own. Although we invested a good amount of money in the house over the years, there were some projects we were unwilling to take on because we knew this wasn’t going to be our forever home. Some of the investments we were unwilling to take on were upgrading our heating system, installing french drains in the basement due to water issues, connecting to the city sewers, installing hardwood flooring and upgrading the original windows. After speaking with our realtor and doing a market analysis, I decided our best option was a fast cash sale rather than placing our home on the market in September. I met with several property investors and was provided a wide range of cash offers. ***** from Pre Property Solutions visited my home, did a quick walk-thru and offered me a fair price. I decided to go with the highest cash offer, but by the time I made that decision the offer had expired. I called Pre Property Solutions after my initial cash sale fell through and was pleased that ***** was still interested in the property at his original price. His offer covered all closing costs and offered me a penalty clause should his company not be able to close within 30 days. The only out of pocket expense for us was hiring a real estate attorney. Talk about ‘Too Good To Be True’. Throughout the entire process of selling our home, ***** was super responsive. He emailed and called me back immediately to answer any questions. His professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market was one of the most appealing aspects of working with him. Like other reviewers of Pre Property Solutions, selling our home for a cash offer was effortless and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home for a quick cash sale.

Having moved out of state and the deal we had falling through, my wife and I were very concerned. Fortunately, we met ***** *********** and his team who helped us through a very difficult and nerve rattling event. They were in constant contact with us, with clear communication regarding each step of the way. They also found a family who clearly we’re excited to have found our home. I would without hesitation recommend his team for any of your needs!

Pre Property Solutions provided a fair offer for our house. As well the communication and guidance through the entire process was perfect. Based on our experience I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house.

Kirk S

I am a retired school teacher. In the last 25 years I have been involved as a principal in 12 residential real estate transactions, as either a buyer or seller.
In the Fall of 2015, I was contacted by Chris Prefontaine concerning the fact that I had recently removed from the market a residential property located near the coast of Rhode Island that I had been trying to sell through a “regular” local realtor for about a year. Chris explained how his “lease purchase” approach gives a seller access to the approximately 80% of the market that is not accessible through “regular” realtors and “regular” conventional methods. His approach sounded creative, unique, and worth a try.
Chris put two of our homes under contract. In early January Chris finalized on both our properties via his lease/purchase program. This turned out to be a relatively simple, hassle-free transaction.
Chris and his team at Pre Property Solutions handled both transactions with diligence and professionalism. I have been very pleased with the results.



Jane W.